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"Platinum" Spot & Spill Warranty
Our warranty applies only to rooms that received our "Platinum" carpet cleaning package.  All carpet protector products are designed to protect against common food and drink spills.  Complete carpet restoration depends on the volume of the spill.  This warranty expires one year after application of carpet protector.
The following soils are not covered under this warranty:
  • traffic lanes (if these are soiled, it's simply time for another cleaning)
  • urine &/or feces
  • petroleum spots/spills
  • water/sewer damage
  • pre-existing spots/stains
A few things that we ask of you, our valued customer:
  • The customer must contact SarrikClean within 24 hours of the stain occurring.
  • Depending on the nature of the spill, professional advice may be given over the phone on how to remove the spot or prevent it from becoming more severe.  These steps must be taken.
  • Use of any chemicals other than Sarrik Solutions Spot Out will void this warranty.
Directions for applying SarrikClean "Spot Out" Spot Remover to carpet:
  • Apply "Spot Out" to stained, soiled area, being careful not to saturate.
  • Using a clean, white, absorbant cloth, rub stain lightly; blot and absorb as you go.
  • Repeat as necessary.
Directions for applying SarrikClean "Spot Out" Spot Remover to upholstery/delicate fabrics:
  • Apply "Spot Out" to a clean, white, absorbant cloth.
  • Blot stain thoroughly.
  • Repeat as needed.
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