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When it comes to those nasty spills and other "accidents" 
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Emergency & Specialty Carpet Cleaning Services 
When you experience a spill or accident on your carpet, the two most important things you can do are: 
1) blot the spill/spot with a clean, white towel, and 
2) call a trained carpet cleaning professional ASAP.  In many cases it is not necessary for the technician to come the same day, but in some situations it will be the difference between removing the spill/spot and not.  
Our specialized spot and stain removal services require unique chemicals, equipment, training and equipment.  Your technician will arrive to your home or place of business prepared to address the issue at hand, but please understand that we cannot guarantee the results.
Here are a few of our specialty spot and stain removal services...
Red Service:
Your certified cleaning technician will come prepared remove red food coloring spots caused by children's drinks, carbonated beverages, berries, wine and other food dyes.  
Yellow Service:
Your certified cleaning technician will come prepared to clean, deodorize and sanitize organic spills caused by urine, feces or vomit.  A separate oxidizing process is often necessary to remove difficult urine stains.  In extreme urine odor situations, in may be necessary to address the carpet pad, tackless strip, baseboard, or other contaminated materials.
Green Service:
Your certified cleaning technician is able to clean most carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture with our environmentally friendly line of products.  These cleaning agents parallel our popular non-green, hot water extraction formulas and deliver great results.  We also offer a green deodorization process that is effective in removing unpleasant organic odors from most of today's modern carpets and water-cleanable upholstery.
Minimum charges apply.
These specialty services DO NOT include regular carpet/rug/upholstery cleaning services.  These services can be provided in addition to our standard cleaning packages, or as "a la carte" work.
An estimated price CAN USUALLY be given over the phone, but based on the unique nature of each individual spot, spill, accident, etc., the actual price of the service will be given after the technician arrives and completes his/her assessment.
SarrikClean does not guarantee the removal of any spot, stain or odor.
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